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Studentradioen i Bergen - Jazzonen


Parkveien 1
Bergen, 5007
ph. 0047 55545129
em. jazzonen@srib.no


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Studentradioen i Bergen - Jazzonen If you get stuck in the rainy city Bergen on the west coast of Norway, you can listen to “Jazzonen” mondays 7pm at 107,8 FM. We are also broadcasted on the Internet all the time: http://srib.no (click on “Programmer” and “Jazzonen”)

We feature new and classic CD's, interviews, concert-recordings and talk. We have a broad music-profile, depending on the personal taste of the presenter. For the past year we have devoted much of our time to various forms og free-jazz, but some of us still like Chet Baker and Bill Evans.



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