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Postboks 3023
0132, Norway
em. contact@ampmusicrecords.com


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AMP Music & Records AS estb. 2014, is a jazz record label based in Oslo, Norway.

AMP is the combination of an acronym and an abbreviation; the acronym for Ambitious Mindful Projects, and the abbreviation for AMPlify. The combination of these words encapsulate the true vision of AMP Music & Records. We are committed to bring ambition and mindfulness to all of our projects and we strongly believe that this will amplify every part of the process that goes into making music, and in turn records.

Our main focus is on jazz, with an emphasis on Nordic jazz and Nordic jazz artists. We also take a keen interest in supporting young upcoming jazz talents from the Nordic countries. But, we do not limit ourselves when it comes to music and we do not wish to limit ourselves in our catalog. To us, great music is great music!

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